Blog Development

What is Blog.

Today there is a hype or say over hype about blogging. We talk a lot about blog.

What is Blog and how it was originated?

Blog is a smart term of “weblog” which was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997. Weblog became shorter and abbreviated name “Blog” was coined by Peter Merholz who wittingly broke the word weblog into We Blog.

Later PYRA LAB (Company which launched or Blogspot) used "blog" as both a noun and verb ("to blog," meaning "to edit one's weblog or to post to one's weblog") and deviced term Blogger.

Why we need Blog:

Blog was initially a personal diary with no business motive, which later on became a mass hysteria. Soon corporate world joined the movement in effort to advertise and communicate with their customers and market.

Today Blog has become essential for every business as an effective tool for word to mouth advertisement for their product or services.

What Blog can do for you?

Brand Awareness:
Blogs are a great tool for brand awareness. The more people see and visit your blog, more they remember you. A blog with several posts about your brand will help your brand more memorable.

Relationship Marketing:
Blogs are most promising tool for relationship marketing as it helps you to communicate and reach wider audience. It allows two way communications when you get more feedback about your product and services and customer feels associated with your company.

It gives you the most frank opinion than any other research tools available on your brand, products and services.

Word to mouth marketing:
Blogs not only bring your customers near you but also create a buzz about you and avid blogger bring their groups to your blog and in turn a wide range of people knows about your products and services.

How Cranberry can help you:

Setting up blog is the easiest thing, even for a technically challenged person.  Then you can ask why I need a company like Cranberry for blog development.

The answer is simple. If you want a plane word press theme hosted on your server. It is a few days’ jobs.

But the moment you think of the following:

Branding of blog:
  • Unique design and template customization
  • Third party add-ons
  • Add-on features

You require professional services for the above said features. Cranberry can help you in setting up a simple blog as well as developing blogs as per your requirements.

If you are looking for a blog designing, blog development companies in India, contact us today for more details.