CRM And Contact Management

As the organization evolves over a period of time, they look for better customer management and sales tools to manage their existing and prospective customers.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is not a piece of software to manage your customers. CRM is an approach which consists of various processes mainly:

Front office operations:

Front Office operations include direct interaction with existing and prospective clientele which can be by Phone, mail, personal meetings, emails and various other methods

Back office operations:

Back office operations are generally hidden to clients but play a key role in front office operation. Key activities include billing, maintenance, planning, marketing, advertising, finance, manufacturing, etc.

Business Relationship:

Business relationship includes interaction with key vendors, distributors, business partners and industry networks. These external partners not only effects but also supports front office and back office operations.

Analysis: Analysis of key CRM data helps an organization in planning business strategies, promotional activities and judging the effectiveness of CRM activities.

How Cranberry can help in implementing CRM for your organization?

We at Cranberry can help you in consulting and implementation of CRM in your organization with better CRM strategies.
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