Pay Par Click Management

Cranberry Communication is Delhi, India based Pay Per Click Management Company providing PPC consulting and PPC management services. We are serving various clients in India as well as overseas countries.

Our Pay per Click Management Services includes:

PPC Advertisement Consulting:

PPC or Pay per Click Advertisement has gained huge popularity over last few years and most of the business organizations as well as non profit organizations are opting for PPC advertisement. Slowly and gradually a lot of businesses have started moving away from PPC as the ROI became negative. The reason behind such situation arises when there is a lack of PPC strategy. A lot of people think that PPC can be setup by any one and can be run easily, which is not true.

PPC advertising requires in depth study of the industry in which a business is along with their target Market.

We at Cranberry take Pay per Click Advertisement as an online marketing strategy. We start with the study of company who requires Pay per Click Advertisement. Their existing marketing plans which include offline and online marketing communication plan. Then we do the study of their existing and prospective customers which includes target consumer online behavior, Demographic, Geo location and suitability of Company’s Pay per Click campaign.

After the above study, we select various search engines, niche portals which fits the companies target Market. We always tell our client that PPC doesn’t mean only Google or Yahoo PPC. As per our study we had found and’s PPC advertisement suits a lot of business more than Google and Yahoo PPC.

If our study tells that PPC suits their advertisement need, then only we move forward with PPC Management otherwise the consult our client to go for some different method than PPC. It might surprise you that sometime we refuse to do PPC management where it doesn’t suit the advertisers need.

We take PPC Management seriously and we don’t want that a client suffers due to false claim.

PPC Implementation Services:

Our PPC implementation services includes PPC Campaign setup which includes
Keyword selection

  • Geographical Selection
  • Demographic Selection
  • ROI Strategy
  • Google Analytic Setup

PPC Management Services:

Once the campaign is setup and if client want us to run the campaign, we run it on clients’ behalf.

Services include:

  • Keyword tracking
  • Competitor tracking and analysis
  • Tweaking of keywords
  • Monthly reporting and analysis
  • ROI tracking and consultation

If you are looking for a PPC Management company in India, get in touch with us today.