Placement Brochure Design

Cranberry is a leading MBA, B School Placement brochure designing and printing company in Delhi, India.

In the Past we have done placement brochure designing and printing for premier B schools like IIM Lucknow, IIM Rohtak, FMS Delhi, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Department of Management Studies (DMS) and others.

Why Placement Brochure Design?

MBA Schools across the world trying to be unique in terms of their pedagogy, approach and focus. Placement brochures are the marketing collateral for B schools to the prospective recruiters. Every B school today try to be different and unique to their prospective recruiters and it becomes really hard for B schools to present their institutions through same old style brochures which were generally design by some designers sitting at printing press.

When Any B School plan their placement tour to various companies in the month of August, the two most important tool they carry with them for presentation is the Placement Brochure and Placement CD presentation.

In the month of August Most of the B schools visit companies. Prospective recruiters find themselves on a pile of various B School placement brochures and chances are there that only those brochures which are unique in concept and design attracts the recruiter’s imagination. Hence there should be a concept driven design which conveys the message to recruiters.

Our Approach:

We at Cranberry starts with the theme development, which is based on internal input of placement committee members. Here we don’t talk about design at all. Our main focus remains at theme development which carry’s on whole placement kit.

Here we take services of expert creative writers of who works for various advertisement agencies on freelance basis.

Once the theme concept is finalized, we get down to photography of campus and students which is influenced by theme developed by creative writer.

After Photography, we start with designing part of brochure, where we utilize the phography of campus as well as stock photographs which gels with theme.

Once the layout is being finalized and approved we start with inner page design, with the content provided by B School.

After designing, we take the design to printing phase where all the printing and post printing work happens.

We utilize the High end Heidelberg German printing machine for printing.

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