Brochure Design

Cranberry is a leading brochure design company based in Delhi, India. Brochure designing is not a designing job for us. Brochure Design is one of the most important print advertisement and promotion tool for any company.

We at Cranberry look at Brochure design as a Brand strategy which reflects the corporate identity of an organization.

When we design a brochure for your company we keep in mind of your existing clientele and prospective clients whom these brochures will be targeted.

Before initiating the brochure design we go through various phases which include:

Purpose Identification:

Purpose identification plays a vital role in brochure designing as it says what the purpose of brochure is. Purpose may vary from client to client which include, branding, sales promotion, social initiatives or new product launch or event marketing. Each and every purpose needs a different kind of communication and communication design. Accordingly brochure design also takes place differently for different purpose.

Brand Identity:

Every Business or organization have their own brand identity, which may include pre defined colors, shapes, font, size and image related placement directive. Once the purpose identification is done, we go deeply in brand identity of the organization which helps us in pre planning of brochure designing, color management, size management etc.

Theme Development:

Once we identify the purpose and brand identity of organization, we start our brochure designing work by theme development. We take care that the theme should gel with target client of organization; hence we try to develop the theme which suits the preference of target. A Good theme is that which gels and support the content of Brochure well and highlight USP.

Layout Design:

Once the theme has been finalized, we start designing the layout for cover design and inner page design. Layout design is a mix of color schemes, brand identity and target preferences.

Cover and Inner page design:

Once the layout has been finalized, we start with designing of cover page and inner pages.

Design options:

We give our client various options to choose from and based on final design we develop and Design the brochure.

Brochure finalization:

Once we design the whole brochure we send a copy to client for review regarding typo errors and other things which might be ignored. Based on feedback we finalize the brochure.


Once the brochure designed is finalized we in consultation with client produce various formats depending upon client media choices.

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