Logo Design

Cranberry is a leading Logo design company based in India. Our services includes logo designing for corporate, logo design for non profit organization and logo designing services for international clientele based in USA, UK, Canada and other European countries.

Over a period of last four years a number of corporate and overseas clients have taken services for logo designing.

Why Cranberry:

Cranberry is not just a design company who designs logo. We work as brand identity consulting firm as we study the requirements about company and follow consulting approach. Logo Designing is not just a design and creative process, but it is a brand identity defining process as you are going to be known by your logo, the way we see Nivea with blue or Apple with Mac.

Hence at cranberry we study your company, vision and mission, about your services and products along with Target Market.

Based on the study on above key areas and your Input we design logos.

Steps Involved in Logo designing:

Here we break the processes in two parts.

Organizational Research Process:
When we talk about the organization research we talk with client about their business, organization, product and services, target demographics and geographies. Based on their input we do a detailed study and then follows creative process.

Design Process
The design process process involves the following steps:

Design Brief:

Once we have gone through the business research process, we start with design briefs which includes

Styles in which a client wants a logo designed. Styles can be of various forms like Word mark, Pictorial Mark, Abstract Mark, Character or Mascot Based or Web 2.0 styles.

Another important design brief includes color options which a client wants.

Another important brief which a client gives is on Style options like logo should be feminine or masculine, simple or complex, serious or playful, modern or classic and other options which a client might look for.

Once we get the design brief we move on to Next Step:

Illustration or Sketching:

Based on design brief and target market we start creating illustration. Here we create various options which internally adopt or discard and we send it to client which we think is most appropriate. Then Client provides his or her Feedback, based on chosen illustration we move on to NEXT step:

Final Logo Designing:

Based on chosen illustration by clients we start designing the final logo options. Then we send the logo options in jpeg format to our client and again client provide his feedback and chooses a design which is most appropriate to suite his or her business.

Logo Finalization:

Once the client has confirmed his choice we finalize the logo with various file versions and send it to client.

Once the logo is finalized many times clients ask for other associated services like brochure designing or other print design services and it make since to work with same company who has designed your logo as they understand your requirements better.

If you are looking for a logo design company in Delhi, India to outsource your logo design work, Contact us today.