Search Engine Submission

Today we have access to too many search engine software, which does the submission automatically. It's a very comfortable situation. Problem arises specifically with search engines and directories as different search engines and directories have different criteria of indexing website in their result which keeps changing frequently. These software have limitation that they uses a single approach of submission in directories and search engines, Which results in poor ranking or disqualification of websites from their result.

We at Cranberry Communications keep these factors in our mind while submission and we give more stress on manual submission for better results and improved ranking.

It also helps us in customized submission of your websites in search engines and directories relevant to your business and area of interest. This services needs special attention as any one can do the submission of your websites in search engine free of cost and you need not any special skills to do that. But when we talk about directory submissions. We really need to have expert handling and here we come in scene. Just for submitting your website in search engines you need not to pay any amount to any web promotion companies. Web promotion companies like us comes in picture when we need targetted submission where in directories we need to define keywords, titles etc.

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