Web Promotion

Welcome to the world of online community. It's a great feeling to be online. You have a visually appealing and great website. But wait a minute!! You are not getting online visitors and prospective clients as you have expected.

You are confused :

Where are your clients?
Where is your audience?
How to bring back to you website?

Here are some facts and figure:

More than 80 % of online community uses search engines for online enquiries and visiting website.

Only top 30 ranked websites in search engines are really relevant. No one has time for going through pages of search engines.

A lot of companies boast for submitting your website in more than 1000 of search engines at a low cost. Please ask them to name 15 of them. 99% will fail to do so.

10 to 12 search engines and directories enjoy 99% of queries.

Spamming is a story of historical era.

Meta tags are irrelevant.

Specific website needs specific and targeted approach for web promotion. It needs a lot of research.

Today nothing is free online. So is your web promotion.

Web promotion Strategy begins before designing of websites and portals. It is the foundation of web designing.

Web promotion is a highly specialized and focused area, which needs a lot of research and online promotion strategy. It is not different from offline promotion strategy. Basic rules are similar.

You need specialized and consultancy in this area.

Are you confused?
Don't know what to do?
Where to go?

You need not worry; we at Cranberry Communications are here to serve you and your needs. We have a specialized team for Web promotion consisting of SEOs, Research team, industry specific consultant to provide best services.

Feel free to mail us at info@cranberryindia.com or contact us for Web Promotion.