Corporate Web Design Services

Cranberry’s corporate web design services includes website designing for companies who requires a full online branding strategy which synchronizes with their offline branding strategy.

We see a lot of gap left in branding strategy regarding websites for corporate. A corporate website designing requires more than a simple web design job. Every company has their own brand identity which needs to reflect in their online presence.

Cranberry’s  Corporate web design services includes strategy development for online presence of a company which includes study and consulting on online branding which needs to jell with offline branding strategy. Study of target market, demographics and geographic location of their prospective clientele is the key to create a better online presence.

Few of the key areas of such website designing include:

  • Geo targeting of web communication
  • Online behavior of prospective clientele
  • Keyword Analysis for website optimization
  • Studying the existing branding guidelines of company
  • Study of internal and external customer of company

After researching the above key areas we develop the final website which reflects the true identity of company online and helps a company to achieve their online goals.

Once we develop the corporate website we integrate the website with Google analytics which helps a company to study the online visits and further redefining new goals.

If you are looking for corporate web design services, Contact us today for more details.